A collage of Jordan Peele, Chelsea Peretti, and their son, Beaumont Gino Peele. Source: Instagram (Left), Star Studds (Right)

Get to Know Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti’s Only Son, Beaumont Gino Peele!


Beaumont Gino Peele received huge fame soon after his birth due to his parents, Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti.

Beaumont was born to comedian parents on July 1, 2017, a year into their marriage. While his first name came from Old French, his middle name was derived from Greek. ‘Bel’ means ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Mont’ means ‘Mountain’. Similarly, ‘Gino’ means ‘ever-living’.

Here’s more about him!

Born to Comedian Parents

As already mentioned, Beaumont Gino Peele was born to comedian parents, Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti. They have been involved in the entertainment industry for a long time.

Jordan, Chelsea, and Beaumont Gino Peele at the beach.
Beaumont was born to Jordan and Chelsea.
Source: Hollywood Pipeline

His father is an American actor, comedian, director, producer, and writer popular for his work on Comedy Central‘s Key and Peele alongside Keegan-Michael Key.

Similarly, his mother is also an actress, comedian, and writer. She is known for appearing in the American police procedural sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Gina Linetti.

Parents’ Marriage

Beaumont’s parents, Jordan and Chelsea, met for the first time via Twitter in 2013. While talking with Entertainment Weekly, Chelsea revealed about their first meeting.

Me and Jordan also met on the internet, on Twitter. He was very complimentary of the Web series I once did.

Chelsea reveals about meeting her husband online.

After two years, they got engaged on November 27, 2015, and officiated it a day after through a Twitter post. In April 2015, the pair eloped and married in a secret ceremony.

Born with a Silver Spoon

The 4-year-old Beaumont Gino Peele was born with a silver spoon. So, we don’t need to tell you he’s leading a luxurious life thanks to his parents’ fortune. His father, Jordan Peele, boasts an estimated $50 million net worth, while his mother is worth $20 million.

Here is a list of some of his father’s movie appearances and box office collections.

  • Get Out – $255.4 million
  • Toy Story 4 – $1.073 billion
  • Keanu – $20.6 million
  • Little Fockers – $310.7 million
  • Wanderlust – $24.2 million

Here is a list of a couple of his mother’s movies and box office collections.

  • The Photograph – $20.7 million
  • Game Night – $117.7 million

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