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What to Know about Paul Rudd’s Daughter, Darby Rudd!


Darby Rudd is famous for being the youngest daughter of American actor and producer, Paul Rudd and his screenwriter wife, Julie Yaeger.

Darby was born to the actor as his second child in 2010. She has an older brother, Jack Sullivan Rudd who is four years older than her. Her name comes from the Irish North Germanic language and means ‘free from envy’.

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Successful Married Life of Her Parents

Darby Rudd’s parents, Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger are living happily together for more than 25 years. They first met in 1995 in New York after Julie was hired as Rudd’s publicist. While recalling their first meeting, Paul told Marie Claire,

She was the first person I met in New York. We started talking and there was a maturity with her – she had experienced some tragedy in her life, I had too, and the impression I got was, wow, this is a woman. This isn’t a girl. I was really taken with who she was and how she had overcome and was in the process of overcoming adversities in her life. There was a perspective that she had and still has on the world that you don’t come too easily – it’s earned and most people don’t have it at such a young age.

Paul on getting to know his wife, Julie.

A few days after their first encounter, Rudd asked Yaeger out on a lunch date and the rest is history.

Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger at an event.
Darby Rudd’s parents Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger have been married since 2003. Source: Pop Sugar

After dating for around eight years, they got married on February 23, 2003. As of now, the pair have been together for more than two decades and still have a strong bond.

Paul and Darby’s Relationship

Darby Rudd is just 11, but she means the world to her parents, especially her father. She tags along with her dad on most of his biggest events; she was with him even when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Darby Rudd with her parents.
Darby Rudd with her parents.
Source: Instagram

Paul Rudd had never thought how his life would change becoming a girl dad and impact his work. In 2018, her father appeared as not only the superhero, Ant-Man but also as a father to Cassie. Since Paul already had a daughter, he could easily blend into the role of a father.

Ant-Man Trailer!

Paul was afraid it would be weird for his daughter to see the movie since he has another daughter in the movie. But, it wasn’t weird at all. She loved the movie!

At first, when she was very young, I used to think, is it going to be weird. When my daughter is old enough, and she sees this movie, that she’s going to see me playing dad to a little girl. And instead, it’s the opposite. I think she really loves it, because I tell her, you know, you’re the real Cassie. . . I do little things in the movie that are little things for her.

Well, it seems their father-daughter relationship is as great as it can be, right?

Her Parents are Multimillionaires

Darby Rudd must be living a lavish lifestyle thanks to her father, Paul Rudd, who holds an estimated $70 million net worth, and her mother, Julie Yaeger, who’s earned $4 million worth of fortune.

Paul Rudd's Family at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Darby Rudd’s father, Paul Rudd received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Source: People

She resides in their New York house that features a fully functional Irish pub in the basement. While talking with GQ, her father joked, “It’s totally free! That’s the great thing about having your own pub.”

Her Dad is a Successful Actor

Her father, Paul Rudd, is a successful actor, screenwriter, and producer who has been active in the industry since 1992. He made his onscreen debut from his appearance in the TV series, Sisters. After three years, he made his big-screen debut from the movie, Clueless in 1995.

Paul Rudd wearing a black coat with white shirt and a grey tie.
Darby Rudd’s Father, Paul Rudd.
Source: Instagram

He has over 120 acting credits under his name. Some of his notable works include The Great Gatsby, The Shape of Things, The Locusts, Veronica Mars, and At Home with Amy Sedaris among others.

Her Mom is a Screenwriter

Her mother, Julie Yaeger is also involved in the entertainment industry. She worked as a unit publicist for movies like Mr. Jealousy and Niagara, Niagara. Similarly, she also worked as the assistant of actress Linda Fiorentino in Men in Black.

Men in Black Trailer!

In 2017, she worked as a screenwriter for the movie, Fun Mom Dinner. In addition, she also served as an executive producer in the TV series documentary, The Suite with Dave Karger in 2005.

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