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Get to Know The Amazing Race 3 Winner Florinka Pesenti!


Florinka Pesenti is a public relations associate who has been working as the Vice President at MacAndrews & Forbes. She is also famous for being the longtime partner of Dan Abrams.

Pesenti was born on January 17, 1979, in Milan, Italy, but moved to New York along with her family when she was around five years old. She grew up alongside her younger brother, Viktor Pesenti.

Florinka completed her schooling at Fieldstone School and later on joined Vassar College for her graduation.

Florinka has Two Kids with Dan Abrams

The 42-year-old Florinka Pesenti is a mother of two; a son, Everett Floyd Abrams (b. 2012), and a daughter, Emilia Abrams (b. February 18, 2021).

She shared both of her kids with her longtime partner, Dan Abrams. The pair first met through their mutual friend at a celebration of The Hunger, a memoir by John DeLucie in 2009. They were dating their respective partners at the time. After their separation, Dan and Florinka started seeing each other.

Past Relationship

Prior to her relationship with Dan, Florinka dated Drew Riker for several years. They first met on the show, The Amazing Race 3 and started dating later on. They broke up in 2009.

As for her partner, he has gone through some unsuccessful relationships in the past with Elisabeth Rohm (2003-2005), Jamie Murray (2007-2008), Elle Macpherson, and Renee Zellweger.

Winner of The Amazing Race 3

Florinka Pesenti became famous after she was announced as the first female winner in the history of the show, The Amazing Race 3.

Fail Moments of The Amazing Race Season 3!

Pesenti participated in the third season of the hit reality TV show which aired from October 2, 2002, to December of the same year. She won the show with her partner Zachary Golden “Zach” Behr.

Florinka and Zach win The Amazing Race 3.
Florinka and Zach took home $1 million after winning The Amazing Race 3.
Source: Twitter

From their win, Florinka and Zach took home $1 million.

Career as a Public Relations Associate

The winner of The Amazing Race 3 show is also a public relations associate who has been serving as the Vice President at MacAndrews & Forbes as of now.

From 2002 to 2005, she worked in the fashion department of Glamour Magazine. The same year, she joined an Italian shoe and leather goods company, Tod’s as the director of public relations. After four years of service, she left the company in 2009.

In 2010, she joined the fashion company GUCCI and worked there until Jan 2016. She also worked in the fashion company, Ralph Lauren from January 2016 to July 2018.

As for her partner, Dan Abrams, he is an entrepreneur, TV host, and author. He is the CEO of Abrams Media Network and has been working as the Legal Analyst and substitute anchor for Good Morning America for ABC Television since March 2011.

A photo of Dan Abrams' NY house.
Dan’s NY home was put for sale for $8.8 million.
Source: Architectural Digest

From his astounding career, he has earned an estimated $25 million net worth. He bought a $3.83 million property and paid the amount in two transactions, one in July 2006 and the other in 2009. In 2018, he put his 3,256 square feet New York City house for sale for $8.8 million.

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