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Get to Know Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli’s Daughter, Isabella Strahan!


Isabella Strahan is a celebrity kid, one of the twin daughters of the former American professional footballer, Michael Strahan, and his second wife, Jean Muggli.  

Isabella was born on October 29, 2004, to her father, Michael Strahan, and mother, Jean Muggli. She is the granddaughter of the former Major of the US Army and boxer, Gene Willie Strahan and Louise Strahan. She has a twin sibling, Sophia Strahan, and half-siblings, Tanita Strahan, Michael Strahan Jr., and Dorian from his father’s first marriage with Wanda Hutchins.

Let’s get to know more about the 16-year-old!

Twin Sister of Sophia Strahan

As already mentioned, Isabella Strahan is the twin sister of Sophia Strahan. The siblings share quite a good bonding with each other and they show it through their social media every now and then.

On their birthday in 2019, Isabella took to her Instagram to share some pictures and captioned the post,

happy birthday to my twin. I love you and you always seem to be with me 24/7 so I can just tell you the rest, but I hope your day is great

Isabella Strahan’s Instagram caption

Her Parents are Divorced

Isabella Strahan’s parents, Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli first met each other back in 1994 in a spa. After two years of friendship and Michael’s separation from his first wife, they started dating.

Jean Muggli with her ex-husband Michael Strahan.
Jean Muggli married her husband, Michael Strahan in 1999 three years after their dating relationship.
Source: Star Studds

They tied the knot on July 18, 1999. Together, they shared twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, in 2004. However, a year after welcoming their kids, they filed for divorce.

Michael Strahan with his daughters, Sophia and Isabella Strahan.
Michael Strahan with his daughters, Sophia and Isabella Strahan.
Source: Pinterest

As per the New York Times‘ report, the major reason for their separation was domestic violence and extramarital affairs. Days before Michael filed for the divorce, Jean had submitted a domestic violence case against him. (Muggli accepted her husband hadn’t touched her hence, the case was dismissed.)

Isabella’s parents got divorced and their responsibilities were given to their mother. When they started living with their mother, they missed their therapy sessions, volleyball matches, and equestrian practices.

Jean Muggli with her twin daughters.
Jean Muggli with her two twin daughters.
Source: Facebook

When their father found out about their missed sessions, he accused Jean of abusing their kids. After a few court hearings, Strahan and Muggli were given joint custody. According to the court orders, their kids would need to spend a week at their father’s and the next at their mother’s.

Isabella and Sophia Strahan dining.
Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan share their time between her parents.
Source: Instagram

While talking about parenthood and separation with People, Michael revealed that it was important for him to be actively involved with his kids though the world believes otherwise.

I think a lot of times when you split, people assume that the mother is supposed to take responsibility for the kids. But from day one, it was very important for me to be active, to be a part of their life.

Michael Strahan talking about parenthood and separation.

The former athlete also opened up about how his kids gave him strength and what they mean to him.

My kids give me strength. I love being with the kids. To me, it’s all about family, now more than anything.

Michael Strahan talking about his kids, his family.

Leading a Luxurious Life

Isabella Strahan’s father, Michael holds an estimated net worth of $85 million and an annual salary of $17 million. He owns a $17 million house in LA, a $16 million mansion in Brentwood, and a $2.25 million loft in NYC.

Close view of Michael Strahan's La mansion.
Michael Strahan’s $17 million mansion in LA.
Source: Business Insider

Similarly, her mother, Jean Muggli received $15.3 million as alimony and collected over $13 thousand (initially $18 thousand) per month for child support. She lives in her Wilmington mansion where she has a beach volleyball court, a tennis court, a horse-riding ring, and even a five-stall barn.

With that much to choose from, it won’t be wrong for us to say, she’s living a lavish life.

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