A photo of Jacqie Campos. Jacqie is the daughter of Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin. Source: Instagram

Get to Know Jacqie Campos, Jenni Rivera’s Daughter!


Jacqie Campos aka Jacquelin Melina Marin Rivera is famous for being the daughter of Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin. Like her mother, she is involved in music and is also an entrepreneur.

Born on November 20, 1989, in Long Beach, California, she is the youngest daughter of Jenni and her first husband Jose. She was raised by her mother alongside four siblings.

Jacqie’s Four Siblings

Jacqie Campos has four siblings, two half and two biological. Her two biological siblings are Chiquis Rivera born on June 26, 1985, and Michael Marin Rivera born on September 11, 1991.

Jenicka Lopez, Johnny Lopez, Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, and Michael Marin Rivera.
Jenni’s five children from two partners.
Source: Instagram

From her mother’s marriage with Juan Lopez, she has two siblings: a sister, Jenicka Lopez, born in 1997, and a brother, Johnny Lopez, born in 2001.

Weight Loss

The reality star and businesswoman Jacqie Campos received huge attention in early 2018 after she lost 70-pound of her weight. She discusses her weight loss journey in Universo’s reality show The Riveras.

Jacqie Campos lost 70 pounds by working out.
Jacqie lost as much as 70 lbs in 2018.
Source: Instagram

Jacqie was motivated by her children. She revealed that she didn’t have enough energy to be a good mom.

I was starting to see that I didn’t have enough energy to be a good mom, and I wanted to be a good example.

She spoke about her weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle in a promotional video with People Chica.

Jacqie lost her weight by working out and eating healthy.

As you can see in my social media, I’m staying focused. I don’t work out all the time but when I can — and I’m just eating healthy. It actually makes me feel better. I just have more energy now, so I think I’m going to keep doing it.

Drug Use

Back in 2013 when Jacqie Campos released the line of t-shirts, she shared a heartfelt message alongside it. In the message, she shared about her past drug addiction and sexual relationship from a young age.

Her lifestyle took her to places she had never imagined from rave parties to indulging in ecstacies. She, however, gave up her extravagant lifestyle upon “finding God.”

Married to Michael Campos

The 32-year-old Jacqie Campos is in a long-term marital relationship with Michael Campos. They shared their vows on September 20, 2012, after a few years of relationship.

They recently celebrated their 9 years of marriage. Jacqie took to her Instagram to express her love towards her man and their journey.

Today this man and I celebrate 9 years of marriage. And let me tell we got a lot to celebrate. We have been through some strong storms and if I could be honest we were way past the point of no return. BUT GOD! By the grace and love of God we are here and were stronger than ever. And I can proudly say with all my heart. I married a good man. I married a courageous man that fought for my heart and fought for his family. I married a forgiving and graceful man that loves me like Jesus does. I married a humble man that recognizes he has room to grow and strives every day to be a better man , husband and father. I married a selfless man who works hard for me in every area and puts this marriage and family first. I married a funny goofy man who puts a smile on my face everyday. I married a good good man. I love you ? Happy 9 years, my love.

Jacqie Campos and Michael Campos celebrated their 9th anniversary.
Jacqie and Michael have been married since 2012.
Source: Instagram

Back in late 2017, the pair had separated. Jacqie revealed about her divorce through her Instagram which has now been deleted.

As you know, I have made i‎t a point to include you guys in the the best and worst moments of my life. So I don’t want to leave you behind on this. Mike and I are in the process of our divorce. The people closest to me already know and their support has been such a great help. But, I didn’t want to leave you all out as you all have also been with me through all moments of my life.

After one and a half years of separation, they reconciled in August 2019.

Prior to getting married to Michael, Jacqie was in a relationship with Danny Yanez.

Mother of Four

Jacqie Campos has shared four kids from her two partners. While she was in a relationship with Danny Yanez, she welcomed a daughter named Jaylah Yanez in 2009.

Jacqie Campos and Her Kids.
Jacqie has four kids from two partners.
Source: Instagram

After getting married to Michael Campos, she gave birth to three kids: Jenavieve (b. 2014), Jordan (b. 2016), and Julian Campos (b. 2020).

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