A collage of Joe Buck with his current wife and previous partner. Source: Instagram

Who is Joe Buck Married to? Relationship History and Kids!


Joe Buck is an American sportscaster who is currently serving for Fox Sports. He is the son of the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame inductee and sportscaster, Jack Buck.

Joe was born Joseph Francis Buck on April 25, 1969, in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States, and raised in St. Louis. For his schooling, he went to St. Louis Country Day School. He attended Indiana University Bloomington but did not graduate.

Let’s find out more about him!

Married Twice

Joe Buck, 52, has married twice. His first marriage was with Ann Archambault Buck while his second wedding was with his current wife, Michelle Beisner-Buck.

Unsuccessful Marriage with Ann Archambault Buck

Joe was first married to his college sweetheart, Ann. They shared their wedding vows on January 23, 1993, in a small ceremony after several years of dating. Her ex-husband proposed to her in a live radio broadcast.

Ann Archambault Buck with her ex-husband and kids during Natalie's graduation.
Joe Buck with his ex-wife and kids.
Source: Instagram

The sportscaster invited Ann to Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood for the KMOX post-game show. When she showed up, he took her to the side room and proposed to her. The whole conversation was being broadcasted live on the radio. She said yes and they married the following year.

Unfortunately, after almost two decades of marriage, they separated in 2011. While talking about their failed marriage, he told Back Sports Page,

I married my high school sweetheart, we were married, I guess, by the end of it for 19 years and we, I think, did our very best but grew apart and thankfully there was no one else involved and we came to an understanding that we were going to part ways and the most important thing for us was to raise our daughters the best way we could.

Joe on his divorce!

After their divorce, the former couple has maintained a friendly relationship to raise their daughters.

Happily Married to Michelle Beisner-Buck

Three years after his divorce, Joe tied the knot for the second time with ESPN reporter, Michelle Beisner. They got engaged in 2013 and married on April 14, 2014, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Michelle Beisner-Buck and Joe Buck's Wedding Picture.
Michelle Beisner-Buck and Joe Buck married in 2014.
Source: Instagram

The pair first met in 2012 after NFL Network‘s Rich Eisen called Michelle saying, “somebody in the booth wants your number.” She was with her then-boyfriend at the time so she refused to give her number.

When Eisen asked her if she wanted to know who it was, she started calling out names, Troy Aikman, Cris Collinsworth, and Al Michaels. She even said, “Please, don’t say it’s Joe Buck.” Well, fortunately, it was Joe. Michelle and Joe met and started dating during the 2013 Super Bowl after her breakup.

Father of Four

Joe Buck has four kids from his two marriages. With his first wife, he shared two daughters, Natalie Buck (b. June 7, 1996) and Trudy Buck (b. 1999). With his second wife, he welcomed twins, boys: Blake Andrew & Wyatt Joseph Buck on April 26, 2018.

Natalie Buck

Natalie works as a wardrobe assistant for Fox Sports. She is also working as a Casting Assistant Intern for Tucker Meyerson Casting. In addition to this, she runs her own podcast, The Netchicks Podcast with Sara Gretzky.

Natalie Buck with her boyfriend, Bobby Ciapciak.
Natalie Buck with her boyfriend, Bobby Ciapciak.
Source: Instagram

Talking on her personal life, she is dating her boyfriend, Bobby Ciapciak since 2017.

Trudy Buck

Trudy is the second child of Ann and Joe; born three years after Natalie. She graduated with a degree in Cinematic Arts (directing intensive) from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in 2018.

Ann Archambault with her two kids.
Trudy Buck with her mother, Ann Archambault and sister, Natalie Buck.
Source: Instagram

During her seventh grade, she made her acting debut with an appearance in Marshall’s Miracle as Chelsea.

Daddy Issues Podcast

Joe Buck has a podcast called Daddy Issues with fellow host, Oliver Hudson. Through their podcast, presented by Cavalry Audio and iHeartRadio, they talk about what it’s like to be a father, a son, and a brother. They are joined by their famous friends who share their personal stories regarding work-life balance, hobbies, sports, Dad bods, s*x, and marriage.

During one of their podcasts, Joe revealed how nervous he was during his divorce from his first wife. HE was worried he would distance himself from Trudy and Natalie.

They were old enough to get it all, they were 13 and 10. It was the hardest conversation I’ve ever had in my life when you have to sit down and tell these two beings that you love, would lay down your life for, that you’re making this gigantic change and mom and dad won’t be together anymore.

Joe on the hardest conversation he had in his life.

He went on to add it was even harder to tell them about his remarriage. But, it was made easier thanks to his second wife’s brilliant job in befriending his daughters.

They will tell you that it was hard for me to tell them that I was going to get married because I feel like they felt they were losing their place with me even more and somebody was replacing their mom. Michelle was unbelievable throughout this whole thing. She learned from her own stepdad. Being a stepparent is knowing when to step in when to step back when to step up when to step out. That’s how he went about it, and that’s how she went about it. She never forced herself on (the girls). She was not any part of any reason why I wasn’t with their mom, which was a huge benefit.

Buck on how hard it was for him to talk about his remarriage with his kids.

Were the Kids Happy about His Remarriage?

Michelle stepped up to cater to Joe’s daughters’ needs, but a matter as sensitive as this always takes time. When she became pregnant, Trudy didn’t seem happy and Joe was worried she wouldn’t accept the newborn kids.

Not to this point (until Blake and Wyatt were born). I remember Trudy saying, ‘This is about Michelle, you don’t want more kids. This is about Michelle.’

Joe talks about how Trudy felt during Michelle’s pregnancy.

But everything changed after the birth of his twins.

The minute those boys popped into the world it was like they wanted to eat ’em they couldn’t get enough of ’em. Now we’re all together and it’s been the biggest silver lining of all of this and it’s brought our entire family closer than it’s ever been.

Buck reveals how everything changed after the twins were born!

Well, all’s well that end’s well! As of now, Joe and his current wife, Michelle live a content life with their daughters and twin sons. They reside in their new $4.5 million mansion located in Ladue, St. Louis.

A look at Joe and Michelle Beisner-Buck's new house.
Joe and Michelle Buck bought this house for a whopping $4.5 million.
Source: Biz Journals

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