Jru Scandrick and Parents, Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele. Source: Instagram (Left, Center, Right)

Everything You Need to Know about Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele’s Son, Jru Scandrick!


Jru Scandrick is famous for being the youngest son of Draya Michele (American actor) and Orlando Scandrick (football player).

Jru was born to his celebrity parents on April 8, 2016, and is being raised alongside an elder brother, Kniko Howard.

Here’s more about Jru!

Youngest Son of Draya Michele

Jru Scandrick was born as the youngest son of Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick. At the time of his birth, he weighed around 6.5 lbs and was 20 inches long.

A photo of Jru Scandrick.
Jru was born to Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick.
Source: Instagram

Draya officiated about her second pregnancy while she was already in her 2nd trimester. Talking about her pregnancy with People, she said,

I’m not sure what made me decide to take a home pregnancy test, but I decided on taking two at the same time! They were both positive and I was instantly excited.

Michele also revealed that she would welcome a baby boy. She and her former partner made an appointment to find out the gender of the child in the 16th week. but they found about Jru’s gender in the 12th week.

We made an appointment to see the sex of the baby for 16 weeks, but surprisingly at 12 weeks, our doctor was able to see that he (Jru) was a boy. Technology and ultrasound machines are much more advanced than 13 years ago when I had my first child.

After his birth, Draya took to her socials to officiate the arrival of her baby.

Draya Michele Talks about Her Son Jru's Birth.
Draya talks about her son, Jru Scandrick’s birth.
Source: Twitter

Draya posted the first photo of Jru in December when he was already eight months old. In his first photo, his mother readied him with his father’s jersey.

Jru Scandrick's First Photo.
Jru was already eight months old when his parents revealed his first picture.
Source: Instagram

A fan, ValerieZuniga, had asked Draya why she hadn’t revealed any photos of Jru a few months prior. She revealed that he’s too young and still changing. She wrote, “In other words, he’s ugly.”

Has Three Half-Siblings

Jru Scandrick has three half-siblings: Kniko Howard, Tatyana, and Taylor Scandrick from his parent’s past relationship. Kniko Howard is from his mother’s previous relationship, Tatyana and Taylor from his father’s relationship.

Parents’ Unsuccessful Relationship

Jru Scandrick’s parents’, Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick have already separated. They started dating in 2013 but they split following infidelity issues.

They reunited the same year and got engaged. Orlando proposed to her with a $400,000 engagement ring. Recalling the proposal, Michele once said,

He got down on one knee and as soon as he started to talk I got nervous and couldn’t help but to laugh hysterically. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

However, in 2015, they again decided to separate in mutual understanding and called off their engagement.

After more than two years together, Orlando and I have mutually decided to end our relationship. Unfortunately, we both live very hectic lives making it difficult to spend the deserved time together. He is a great father and athlete and I will cherish the memories that we created.

After their separation, Orlando got a restraining order against Draya. She had pepper-sprayed him and also threatened to throw bleach in his eyes. The restraining order was removed and they reunited again. This time, they welcomed their youngest son, Jru Scandrick. However, they split again after three years.

As of now, Jru resides with his mother and elder brother, Kniko in their new home in LA.

Looks Like His Mom

Do Draya Michele and Jru Scandrick look alike? Well, Draya says Jru is her twin. Her old photos from the ’80s might prove the point.

An old photo of Draya Michele.
Draya says her son looks just like her.
Source: Instagram
Jru Scandrick with His Mom, Draya Michele.
Does Jru really look like his mother?
Source: Instagram

Lost Maternal Grandfather in 2021

On May 9, 2021, Jru Scandrick lost his maternal grandfather. His mother revealed the news through her Instagram.

Draya with her dad.
Jru lost his maternal grandpa recently in 2021.
Source: Instagram

REST IN HEAVEN DAD ? .. yesterday was one of my hardest days. While everyone was celebrating the wonderful mother’s of the world, I was losing my father. I love you dad, you suffered for years and needed not to any longer. I’m glad you’re at peace and with GOD. I’m glad I went home and got to see you while you were still in good spirits ? I will celebrate your life forever.

Draya Michele pays tribut to her dad.

Some Photos of Jru Scandrick

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