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Everything You Need to Know about Pat Sajak’s Daughter, Maggie Sajak!


Maggie Sajak is known for being the daughter of the news reporter, Pat Sajak. She is professionally an online media correspondent of Wheel of Fortune and an American country music singer.

Sajak was born to Pat and his wife Lesly Brown Sajak (photographer) on January 5, 1995, in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a brother named Patrick Michael James Sajak who is a doctor. She is currently attending a law school. Sajak completed her studies at Princeton University and finished a post-graduate program at Columbia University.

Let’s get to know more about her!

Career as a Country Singer

Maggie Sajak, the only daughter of the game show host, Pat Sajak, is a country singer. Her first single, First Kiss was an instant hit. Similarly, one of her singles, Wild Boy was also a hit.

While talking about her musical interest, she told CMT News,

I loved being around the set with him (father Pat Sajak). I’ve learned a lot from watching him. And even though music is different than a game show, there are a lot of similarities. Since I was little, my parents listened to a lot of country. My dad lived in Nashville for a while, and he appreciates older country. And my mom loves Faith Hill and Martina McBride. I appreciate the older music, and new artists like Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood. But I really love the folk singer-songwriters as well. All of that has shaped the kind of music I’m making now.

Maggie talks about becoming a country music.

Although she loves singing, she is yet to make it her full-time profession.

Guest Apperances in Father’s Game Show

In late 2019, Maggie Sajak made a guest appearance on her father’s game show, Wheel of Fortune alongside Vanna White while her father was away. Maggie appeared as a letter-turner in the show.

Maggie Sajak and Vanna White during Wheel of Fortune.
Maggie Sajak with Vanna White at Wheel of Fortune.
Caption: Instagram

At the time, the 73-year-old Pat was recovering from emergency surgery. He had suffered from a blocked intestine in November 2019.

Well, Maggie first had a few appearances on Wheel of Fortune, but now, she is a series regular. She doesn’t appear on the show, but she works as its Online Media Correspondent.

I’m excited about the opportunity to bring an insider’s look at the show with new behind-the-scenes features, interviews, videos, and insights. The Wheel of Fortune staff and crew have always been like an extended family, and I’m thrilled to be working with them.

Maggie on getting the job at Wheel of Fortune!

Is Margaret Sajak Her Real Name?

There is a huge confusion among the public regarding Maggi Sajak’s name. People believe her full name is Margaret. However, it isn’t true at all. Her legal name is Maggie Marie Sajak, not Margaret Sajak.

Maggie Sajak is her real name.
Maggie Sajak doesn’t mean Margaret Sajak.
Source: Instagram

Maggie has clearly pointed it out on her Instagram bio where she writes, “Maggie Sajak, not short for Margaret.”

Her Brother is a Doctor

Maggie Sajak’s elder brother, Patrick Sajak is a doctor. On May 20, 2021, she posted a picture with her brother congratulating him for finally becoming a doctor.

My big brother officially became a doctor today, and I am the MOST proud. Congrats @patricksajak, MD!!!🩺👨🏼‍⚕️

Maggie congrats her brother for becoming a doctor.
Maggie Sajak and Patrick Sajak.
Maggie’s brother is a doctor.
Source: Instagram

It might be because of her brother that she also wanted to become one since her childhood days. At the moment, Maggie is trying both, music and medicine. She enrolled in an Ivy League College, Princeton University, and is still thinking about becoming a doctor as a fall-back plan.

Neither one — medicine or country music — is my fall-back plan. I just love them both, so I will keep doing both and see where that takes me. I probably won’t go straight to medical school. I want to be able to focus on my music for a while.

Maggie tlaks about her fall-back plan!

Maggie is considering law as well! She’s currently enrolled at a law school.

Has Maggie Started Earning?

Maggie Sajak is currently an online media correspondent at Wheel of Fortune, so she might earn a decent salary. However, we are unsure of her fortune.

She might be getting some financial help from her father, Pat Sajak. He holds an estimated $70 million net worth and earns an annual salary of $15 million.

This is all from us. If we’ve failed to include anything, please feel free to tell us through the comment section below.

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