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Everything to Know about Joe Buck’s Daughter, Natalie Buck!


Natalie Buck is an American actress and sportscaster but she is famous for being the daughter of Joe Buck.

She was born on June 7, 1996, in St. Louis, United States as the first child of Joe and his first wife, Ann Archambault Buck. She has a younger sister named Trudy Buck. For her schooling, she went to Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School. Later on, she graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a major in Broadcast Journalism in 2018.

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Dating Bobby Ciapciak

Natalie Buck, 25, is currently dating her boyfriend, Bobby Ciapciak. The duo has been together since 2017. They haven’t revealed the dates yet, however, on Feb 14, 2020, Buck took to her socials to share a photo of her beau with the caption, “our fourth <3 day,” which probably clears things up.

A snapshot of Natalie Buck's Valentine's Day post.
Natalie Buck and her boyfriend, Bobby Ciapciak have been together for 5 years as of 2021.
Source: Instagram

While going deeper into Natalie’s Instagram profile, we found her first picture alongside Bobby. Their first post together was on April 1, 2017.

Natalie Buck with her boyfriend, Bobby Ciapciak.
Natalie Buck introducing her boyfriend publicly for the first time.
Source: Instagram

There have been a lot of pictures thereafter. Both of them have met each other’s parents. It wouldn’t be long till we hear the wedding bells, eh?

Brief Intro of Natalie’s Boyfriend

Bobby Ciapciak was born on March 26 in Laude, Missouri to his mother, Mary Niemann Ciapciak. He has 3 siblings, Tina Ciapciak Maher, Joey, and Jack Ciapciak. He graduated from Villanova University with a major in Political Science in 2011.

Bobby worked at Goldman Sachs as an Analyst for 2 and a half years. He went on to work as an Analyst for Neuberger Berman in January 2014. He was promoted to associate in January 2017 before being promoted again to Vice President. Now, he has been working as a Senior Vice President since January 2021.

A Look into Natalie’s Career

Natalie Buck started her career as an intern for Fox2 Now St. Louis (KTVI and KPLR) in May 2015 where she was onboard an ongoing project to write an editorial on fans running on the field at the Cardinals game against Arizona Diamondbacks. She left the news station after four months and joined The Second City as a Writing Intern.

Natalie Buck interning for Fox2 Now.
Natalie Buck interning for Fox2 Now.
Source: Instagram

Buck then went on to join the movie, Guy Walks into a Bar as a Research Assistant. She joined Fox Sports in September 2019 where she is currently working as a Wardrobe Assistant. Since August 2019, she has been working for Tucker Meyerson Casting as the Casting Assistant Intern.

The Netchicks Podcast

Besides working as a Casting Assistant Intern and a Wardrobe Assistant, Natalie is also working as a host of The Netchicks Podcast alongside Sara Gretzky. They started their podcast on July 25, 2020.

A snap from Natali Buck's Instagram Post.
Natali Buck reveals how The Netchicks Podcast started.
Source: Instagram

To date, there have a total of 47 episodes. The last episode was on June 1, 2021, where they spoke about The Friends Reunion. For their podcast, they have an Instagram handle with over 3 thousand followers and 141 posts.

Also An Actress

Natalie also seems to have an interest in acting. She took classes from The iO Theater and The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute to kickstart her career.

In 2018, she made her acting debut in the TV Series, Superstore. She then went on to appear as Megan in Blue Bloods in 2020. She is set to appear in Marry Me and Wilde Flowers in the coming years.

Parent’s Unsuccessful Marriage

Natalie Buck’s parents, Joe Buck and Ann Buck were married for almost 18 years. They shared the wedding vows on January 23, 1993, after some years of dating. Joe proposed Ann during a live radio broadcast. They decided to part ways in 2011.

Joe had a hard time telling their kids about their divorce. He feared he would distance himself from his two daughters. While speaking to Oliver Hudson in their podcast, Daddy Issue, he revealed it was the hardest conversation he had ever had in his life.

They were old enough to get it all, they were 13 and 10. It was the hardest conversation I’ve ever had in my life, when you have to sit down and tell these two beings that you love, would lay down your life for, that you’re making this gigantic change and mom and dad won’t be together anymore.

Has Two Brothers from Her Father’s Second Marriage

Natalie’s father is currently in a marital relationship with the ESPN reporter, Michelle Beisner-Buck. They walked down the aisle on April 12, 2014, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in a lavish ceremony.

Together they have twin sons: Blake Andrew & Wyatt Joseph Buck on April 26, 2018. Natalie was the one who officiated the birth of her twin brothers. “Blake Andrew & Wyatt Joseph, I love you to the moon and back. I have always wanted brothers. God works in such magical ways.

Natalie Buck's newly born siblings.
Natalie Buck officiated the news about her newly born baby brothers.
Source: Instagram

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