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Details about Draya Michele’s First Child, Kniko Howard!


Kniko Howard is the eldest son of the American model, actress, and fashion designer, Draya Michele (Andraya Michele Howard). He was born with her first partner.

Kniko received fame when his mother gained popularity among the masses. There were also times when the controversy regarding his father pulled him into the media limelight. He only got to know about his biological father in 2016.

Let’s find out more about Kniko!

Is Gilbert Arenas’ Kniko Howard’s Father?

Well, the answer is a big “NO”. Once there were huge rumors that the former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas was the father of Kniko Howard. The rumors aired after his mom got into a complicated relationship with Gilbert and his ex-girlfriend, Laura Govan.

A black and white photo of Kniko Howard and Draya Michele.
Kniko was born as the first child of Draya Michele.
Source: Zimbio

Gilbert took to his Instagram to clarify the rumors. He revealed Michele’s son was born around 2003 or 2004 and he met her first time in 2008 after being introduced by his Washington Wizards teammate, DeShawn Stevenson.

Gilbert Arenas' Instagram Post Snap.
Gilbert Arenas claims he isn’t the father of Kniko Howard.
Source:  Instagram

Gossip websites claimed Gilbert paid $20,000 to silence the news; however, he challenged the media to prove their claims. If they prove their claims, he was willing to pay a whopping $1 million to each of their charities as a donation. They couldn’t prove anything.

Well, the rumors didn’t stop at that. In 2016, during the premiere of The Next 15, Jennifer Williams claimed that she had seen a leaked email that said Gilbert was Kniko’s father and that he had slept with Gloria’s sister.

Draya Michele’s Revelation Regarding His Biological Father

Kniko Howard’s mom, Draya Michele remained silent for several years when Jennifer Williams implied to Gilbert Arenas as her baby daddy. However, she couldn’t bear it and revealed the truth through a now-deleted Instagram post in 2016.

Here is Darya… At 17 years old I got pregnant by a man who became incarcerated for 10 when I was 7 months pregnant. With help from my mom, I was able to survive. Now, judging by how under-developed and young I was, besides living in a very small city in PA….. There’s no way in 2002 I got pregnant by some athlete. If I had, there’s not a chance in f***king hell I would have wasted 7 years of my life working “in the club” because clearly child support would be on fleek. I have never received A DIME of child support in my life and that’s ok.

Draya reveals she had Kniko while she was 17.

Adding to the statement, she said that her firstborn was named after her father, Kniko Howard Sr. who currently works as a barber in Pennsylvania.

I have also NEVER attempted to say anyone other than who my son is named after (yes he’s a junior) was the father. My son’s father lives in pa and makes an honest living being a barber. This shit is completely embarrassing to me and my family. And I intend on putting this to final rest. I’m pissed that I had to take time from remodeling my office in my brand new 4000 square foot warehouse to even address this. But I’ve been quiet too long. I’ve also let people tell “my story” on tv too many times. I’ll speak my truths….. You speak your own and keep whatever momentum going by doing that. God bless. Leave the kids out of it for heaven’s sake. #seemybabyseat #boxdye #walmart”

Michele reveals the truth behind Kniko’s biological dad.

Mom Refused to Sign His Homework!

Kniko Howard’s mom, Draya Michele was dragged into yet another controversy after she refused to sign her son’s homework which in turn earned him fewer points in late 2017. She was tagged as a “Bad Mother” during this controversy.

Let’s discuss this:: Kniko has this 4 min speech he has to memorize and recite. Fine. Splendid. Now his teacher is requiring me to sign papers everday saying he’s read the speech 5x out loud and stuff. Over thanks giving break I had to sign 18x and now it’s still everyday. Here’s my point. I’m all for helping my child with his homework, but at this point, [the teacher] has him harassing me with his speech. I don’t wanna hear it no more! I’m hearing it two times a day for a month straight … Last night he asked me to sign and I said, ‘No. Tell your teacher I’m done with this.’ And today he doesn’t get points because I don’t wanna sign it. It’s not my damn homework. But it feels like it. What do y’all think?

Draya talks about her frustration.

Soon after the post, she received criticism and was called a bad mother.

This was not the first time she failed in parenting. Back in 2010, the police found her leaving her seven-year-old son alone in the home to work in Philadelphia. Following this, she was arrested in charge of endangering the welfare of a child. Later on, she got bail after paying $25 thousand.

Has a Half-Brother

Kniko Howard has a younger half-brother named Jru Scandrick from his mother’s relationship with former NFL player, Orlando Scandrick. His mother was in an on-off relationship with Orlando for around 7 years.

A photo of Jru Scandrick.
Kniko is almost 12 years older than Jru.
Source: Instagram

As of now, he lives along with his mom and his brother in their new home in LA, which his mother bought in September 2020.

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